Welcome to Jamaica

If this Caribbean island shapes stars and sports legend, Jamaica also holds records for the beauty: of the beaches, mountains, forests and breathtaking landscapes.


The best beaches of the world

A coastline of the 1022 km of beaches with white sand and turquoise waters abound with a preference for the north coast. The Doctor’s Cave beach in Montego Bay, Seven Mil in Negril or Ocho Rios compete charming The Frenchman’s Cove nestled in a cove near Port Antonio is even considered one of the most beautiful in the world, but … its access is not free (about 5 €) and reserved sixty people no more!


This part of the island is also a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling. So do not hesitate: the parrot fish and sergeant major protected by the small coral reef will be waiting for you.


An amazing nature


The interior of the island is just as stunning. Nature is in almost pristine state, with lush vegetation. It is not uncommon to discover a hidden waterfall in the rainforest. Do not miss Ys Falls near Santa Cruz. It is reached by a tray pulled by a tractor.


Top of the walk: allow lianas to swing above the water before diving into a natural pool. The most famous falls are undoubtedly that Dunn’s River, 200 meters high, near the beach of Ocho Rios. People join hands for climbing, with breaks in natural swimming pools. Remember to take shoes that are not afraid of the water! As for the Blue Montains whose highest peak rises to 2256 m you hike amidst coconut plantations, papaya and especially coffee, one of the most prized for its sweet taste slightly bitter. With bonus if there is no fog, a great view of Kingston, the capital.


Bob Marley 


The north coast is no exception. Bay St. Anne, nicknamed “the botanical garden of the island” is an ocean plant planted mangroves and bougainvillea. It floats in the air reggae notes. For if this music is everywhere on the island, here we are in Bob’s fief. It is in the small village of Nine Miles that he was born and is based. His house now a museum, very touristy but a must, can follow his career: his gold records, his guitar … And in the yard, you can even attend a mini concert, which we leave with full of sound head.

Things to do in Jamaica

Mystic Mountain Jamaica

Mystic Mountain Jamaica


The visit of Strawberry Hill, a coffee plantation in the Blue Montains. Learn all (shoot, harvesting, roasting …) on the cafe, one of the most expensive in the world. About 82 € per day with lunch in a colonial house


Enjoy a “jerk chicken” A marinated grilled chicken in a mixture of spices. € 4 quarter chicken at Scotchies on St. Ann’s Bay, one of the most authentic restaurants on the island.


Visit the mausoleum of Bob Marley in Nine Miles. Where the legend was born Also available in Kingston a museum in the house where he lived


Sailing on a catamaran, snorkelling with the program and then docking at the foot of Dunn’s River Falls. About 85 € a day.




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