7 best hot Springs around the world

The Cascate del Mulino

The Cascate del Mulino

Natural spa, where the water is warm and the view is amazing. Actually the word warm doesn’t really do this water justice. It’s 37°C constantly and comes from a source underground brimming with sulphur and other minerals. It’s these minerals which I’m told have been curing minor ailments since the time of the Romans.


Lake Garda Hot Spring

lake garda hot srping

The shores of Garda are studded with pretty harbour towns, Sirmione, with its cobbled streets, its 13th-century castle and, above all, the ruined Roman villa lying at the tip of the promontory: the Grotte di Catullo – not a grotto, but that’s what the early Venetian explorers called it when they came upon what they thought were natural caves in the thick undergrowth, not realising they had stumbled on a vast treasure, the most important Roman site in northern Italy.


Bormio  Hot Spring

bormio hot spring

The baths of Bormio (Sondrio) are formed by a pond with stones that gather a hot bowl of crystal clear water . The view still preserves the memory of the movements of the rock. The red and gray stone blend seamlessly into the background of emerald green vegetation that stands proud of the blue. The baths are completely free access.

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

snow monkey hot spring

The Jigokudani Monkey Park offers is a  unique place in Japan where you will see wild monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring. The park is inhabited by Japanese Macaques, which are also known as Snow Monkeys.


Angseri Hot Springs, Bali

bali hot spring

If you want to visit Angseri Hot Spring, located in the district of Tabanan, you should make sure that your driver knows where you finally would like to end up. Air Panas Angseri, is not very popular with tourists as it provides just the minimum for the basic needs.


Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan

jprdan hot spring

Hot thermal springs at Hammamat Zarqa Ma’in and Al-Himma and take time out to visit some of the historic architecture of the area.
Close by are two sites linked by tradition to Herod the Great. One is the palace at Mukawir (Machaerus), where Salome traditionally danced, and where John the Baptist was beheaded. King Herod was said to have bathed in the medicinal waters of the springs and people have come here for thermal treatments, or simply to enjoy a hot soak, since the days of Rome.


Kiraly Baths, Budapest

budapest hot spring

Király Bath or Király fürdő is a thermal bath that was first built in Hungary in the second half of the sixteenth century, during the time of Ottoman rule. The bath and its neighborhood have since become part of the consolidated city of Budapest.


10 Amazing places in Scotland

While the UK holds its breath before the election in Scotland to see if they will vote yes or no to independence, lets discover Scotland, world-famous for its awesome scenery, vibrant culture and spectacular heritage.

The West Highland Line train passing the Glenfinnan Viaduct


Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, Scotland

scotland (2)

Rannoch Moor in the valley of Glen Coe

scotland (3)

Fingal’s Cave

scotland (4)

Bluebell Path in Perthshire

scotland (5)

Dunnottar Castle

scotland (6)

Loch Chon

scotland (7)

Kilt Rock

scotland (8)

Fall in the Scottish highlands

scotland (9)

Rock formations on the island of Staffa

scotland (10)


Brando Island in French Polynesia first self-sustaining luxury resort.

Consisting of a few islands surrounded by a large lagoon, the atoll is an amazing wonder of nature, a paradise of white sand beaches, azure water, palm forests, exotic birds, sea turtles and beautiful coral gardens full of life in the oceans.

brando island french polynesia brando island french polynesie (8) brando island french polynesie (10) brando island french polynesie (11)

Brando Island biodiversity and cultural richness of Tahiti. The development of the resort is well beyond the typical hotel facilities.  The station also aims for energy independence, the requirements of electricity at least to some extent met by a combination of solar panels and generators fueled by oil coconut.

brando island french polynesia brando island french polynesie (3) brando island french polynesie (4) brando island french polynesie (5) brando island french polynesie (7) brando island french polynesie (9) brando island french polynesie (12) brando island french polynesie (14) brando island french polynesie (16)

20 minutes by private plane from Tahiti, takes visitors to a paradise island in the middle of a preserve nature. The resort has 35 villas, designed to reflect the lifestyle and Polynesian culture. Set in the shade of coconut trees and with direct access to the private beach villas have dining room and outdoor pool. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, in pavilions set around a tranquil pond covered with lilies. Both restaurants serve Polynesian-inspired dishes as well as fusion East / West and classic French cuisine.