Discover Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka the new trend destination of the Indian Ocean

sri lanka

sri lanka

When talking about the”paradise islands” we quickly think of the Maldives, Seychelles or Mauritius Island …But there is a small island in the heart of the Indian Ocean,which has nothing to envy to its sisters.The island of Ceylon, known by the name “Sri Lanka” is a magical place, with fabulous scenery and breathtaking culture.

sri lanka

sri lanka
With its tea plantations and spice, its mysterious temples, friendly people, the island of Sri Lanka is a gem that does not tire of admiring. As a couple, family or friends, the discovery of this isolated place will delight young and old. A must see…

sri lanka

sri lanka
During a trip to Sri Lanka, there will be a lot of places and attractions to discover (elephant riding, for example) will be offered to all visitors. Among them you will found the tea fields, those of Minneriya and its famous park you can discover by 4 ×4, you will also found there an elephant orphanage made ​​famous by animal documentary.

sri lanka
But you will also have the opportunity to attend lavish traditional dances or make an epic trek through the forest Divigala in the middle of a lush and exotic wildlife.


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